About us
TRIARII Research is an Israeli research and development company that analyzes cyber and technological security threats and designs secure architectures and controls for complex systems. Triarii provides its customers with cyber-resilient architecture design, research and development of innovative security controls, hardware security, and system security engineering, as well as expertise in protecting RF and Wireless channels, cryptography, quantum communication and more.

Job Description
As a system engineer in multidisciplinary projects focused on RF and communication systems you will lead the engineering aspects of the system, conduct system design surveys and participate in various design and testing stages of the system. 
You will also take part in cyber research and analysis, threat research, characterize protection and cyber products, and develop innovative cyber-RF solutions. 
Option for full-time or part-time employment.

• Bachelor's degree in electronics engineering / physics.
• At least 3 years of experience in multidisciplinary system engineering preferably in RF and / or communication domain.
• Hands on experience. 

• Master’s degree or higher – possibility for part time MSc\PhD students. 
• RF/Antennas design experience.
• Hands on experience with cyber and/or technological security.
• Valid security clearance.

Company location: Center district, Israel.